Always be prepared – whoever is coming round. Whether a breakfast with the family, a spontaneous visit or a candlelit dinner: there is always something going on. Fortunately, the ALNODUR lives up to all demands and expectations.
It features consistent lines throughout and, depending on how the light falls, a contrasting interplay between matt and glossy surfaces.
The ALNODUR is a timeless classic even today. Its blend of highquality surfaces in marbled truffle design and clear lines for optimal room division create elegance that transcends time. To round off this harmonious concept, laminate shelving, pocket-door cabinets and black fittings add the perfect finishing touch.

Another highlight is the elegant side cabinet lighting complete with milled edging.Sometimes, going out means bringing it home. After work to those legendary nights you still laugh about twenty years later. With such special friendships, everything’s good – just like the ALNODUR.