Our kitchen, our rules. Every day, we are exposed to a neverending flood of external influences. This is why it’s all the more important to take time for a little self-reflection now and again. Let’s give our life a sprinkling of that certain something by implementing our own ideas. After all, everyone is free to design their life exactly as they please. The ALNOART offers ample space and opportunity to let your creativity roam free.
There is so much to discover – when you know where to look. Being open to new things not only broadens our horizons, but also gives us more freedom when designing space.
Those with big plans are best served by the generously equipped ALNOART. Whether in stylish smoked glass cabinets with black metal frames or behind the myriad of metallic-look glass fronts, this kitchen offers space for everything – even self-realisation.

In keeping with this, special attention was also given to the creation of a unique colour scheme, which is perfectly enhanced by the mocha black marbled worktops.