The smallest things bring the greatest pleasure. Each day has its own unique highlights, whether a kind gesture, a happy coincidence or the stylish interplay between brushed-metal plinths and a stainless-steel look. When you add the elegant deep blue of the tall units, as well as elements in cashmere-grey oak, the ALNOPLAN becomes an eye-catcher that keeps on enchanting.
The best way to be is to be yourself. People are not won over by beguiling facades. Instead, it is our natural way that makes us so unique. So it’s no wonder that the ALNOPLAN is so popular.
Without much fanfare, it skilfully combines matt lacquered genuine wooden doors with white, high-gloss surfaces, whereas the stainless steel-effect strip handles accentuate the understated elegance

The wonderful thing about art is that there are no rules. You can do as you please. So it’s time to loosen up and get creative. As soon as we give our creativity free rein, there are no limits to what we can produce.