Neo Marble-Marmor Schwarz- Neo Lodge- Eiche Geschwarzt

This kitchen brings Mediterranean lifestyle to your home, turning every day into a holiday in a sunshine world. With its grooved texture, the neoLODGE rustic oak front contrasts wonderfully well with the mottled look of neoMARBLE to create a calm and peaceful ambience staged with artistic acumen, this kitchen can become the new centrepiece in your home.

Wall units are a practical way of providing more storage space in a kitchen. In this kitchen ensemble, the classic layout of wall units is dispensed with and takes on a more relaxed look with open shelves. But it is not only worthwhile taking a look on the outside – this kitchen also impresses from the inside: integrated lighting is not only practical, but also creates a warmly lit ambience every time a door is opened.

Marble-look finishes have been highly fashion-able again for a number of years now. Marble looks elegant and tends to be used to provide accentuation in combination with modern materials. The neoMARBLE front can be combined particularly well with a dark worktop and gives every kitchen that certain something.