Neo Mirror- spiegel getont-plus-Schwarz softmatt

The neo MIRROR designer front artistically sets the scene for every kitchen. The mirrored front is something that's truly exceptional. It gives the whole space a new dimension while at the same time mak-ing it an attractive focal point. The matching mirror glass splashback adds space to the kitchen and complements the whole composition.

So inconspicuous you can hardly see it yet so conspicu-ous that you can't look away either - this kitchen ensemble is a veritable masterpiece that is perfectly integrated into the space, and the perfect example of a small kitchen with all the capabilities of a large one. A particular highlight is the neoMIRROR front which reflects the kitchen's extravagant design, replicating it with artistic competence.

Above all, nolteneo is synonymous with the many ways of individualising a kitchen. Characteristic of this are exclusive nolteneo products such as the large, semi-circular handles which, although discreetly understated in this kitchen, make stylish eye-catchers.